En Vie Interiors was founded on the philosophy that successful design is created through experience, open communication and impeccable client service. Every project is different which means every client is as well. We’re so grateful for our wonderful clients and are happy to work tirelessly for our clients to ensure their desires are met and the space they imaged comes to life.

I really cannot say enough about Melanie and En Vie Interiors. First, En Vie creates one of the most aesthetically pleasing environments I have ever seen. Any time I have been in one of their uniquely designed spaces, I have been so amazed at how immaculate they are. Any time I visit their design studio, I always find interesting art and rare one of kind pieces of furniture. Melanie takes the time and has a very specific eye in finding unique and interesting pieces that she can share with her clients. As a decorative painter, one of a kind rooms that express my clients personalities are important in my own process of creating for people. Melanie is a listener and understands what her clients needs and desires are. Melanie is extremely creative and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with the ability to organize, create stunning spaces, and bring her clients visions to life. Working with En Vie Interiors is always an amazing experience. They use us a resource for creating their lovely environments. It is always a pleasure to a part of any project they are working on!

Of The Essence Designs

I have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Melanie since 2004. Melanie has helped design and decorate three different houses for our family. Her work is exceptional and she has been a pleasure to work with. Having worked with a number of designers over the years, Melanie is by far and away the very best!

Nancy Young